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Hunger Run Team 2017

What a great team! We’re so fortunate to be able to work together on this very special project. Thank you so much for all your hard work. Director Meagin Warren, Elisa McKinney, Belinda Bell Pack, Kimberly Beard, Jeri Bonds, Shannon Florez Smith, Stacy Isom, Jessica Crabtree. Thanks to Joe Inwood with the BBC for getting our photo! And thank you to the board members not pictured Debbie Lawrence, Tiffany Jones, Laura Keith, Karla Jones, Whitteni Lindsey, Scott and Betty Spencer (Food for Life) and Claude and Karen Ruiz (Choctaw Food Bank).

All proceeds from the event benefit Foods for Life and the Choctaw Food Bank.

Foods for Life in Clinton was established in 1988 and served over 2,760 families in 2015 alone – a number that increases every year, as food costs go up. It is completely volunteer-operated and open two days a week. Volunteers helps with shipment & packaging of foods bought in bulk. Read more…

Choctaw Food Bank was established in 2005 and is a USDA distributor, giving hundreds of tons of food each year. They assist on average over 400 individuals per week at their volunteer facility next to the Choctaw Church of Christ. Read more…

March 23, 2015:

River Valley Ozark Edition: Clinton Hunger Run Takes Off Saturday

You can help the fight against hunger! Every dollar contributed to these foods banks is worth several times its value as part of larger bulk purchases. The operating costs of these facilities is very high, and the needs of so many in our community are greater each year.

We are grateful for your participation as a runner/walker or sponsor during our event – but please remember the pressing need for your support year-round! These organizations are happy to receive your support or volunteer time.

Meet the 2017 Hunger Run board members:

Meagin Warren, Race Director
Kim Beard
Jeri Bonds
Jessica Crabtree
Stacy Isom
Karla Jones
Tiffany Jones
Laura Keith
Debbie Lawrence
Whitteni Lindsey
Elisa McKinney
Belinda Pack
Claude & Karin Ruiz (Choctaw Food Bank)
Shannon Smith
Scott & Betty Spencer (VBC Foods for Life)

Special recognition goes out to our friends at the VBC County food banks!

We have an awesome team & more great community volunteers than we can count! Thank you to everyone who continues to make the Hunger Run such a positive impact.